iD: this piece

this musical game

2020 made us think a lot of stuff. I am sure that if you live in the same planet as me you heard about curves and how to flatten them. About virologists, epidemiologists and more. This year Celebration of mind event in Buenos Aires will take place in a virtual platform. So, you can play infectoDoppler whenever you want from wherever you are.

your mission

Your work is to be part of the construction of a sounds population that will suffer an epidemic. If the sounds get infected they are heard, if they don't remain silent. My goal is for the population to be huge so, you can record so many sound samples as you like.

the piece

If I have a sounds population of adecuate size, a computer program will merge them in case they get infected. If all goes well we are going to obtain a musical representation of the curve about we talked a lot this year.

how can I participate?

Stochastic music is always in risk of ending in some noise without any identity. My goal with it is for the musical piece this game produces to be recognized with some sort of esential identity. That's the reason why there are rules. You have to take into account the Doppler effect while you are following an animation. If you know what the Doppler effect is you can jump to the rules directly.