iD: the rules

the game

When you open the game you will see a red button. You have to click on it to start the audio context (the browser will ask you to enable the microphone). Then you will see stars and asteroids. You need to choose one star and one asteroid. The star will be your position and the asteroid will be the sound source. I know, sound doesn't travel through space. Before going on, make sure to understand what the Doppler effect is.

the board

The screen is the game board. After you touches the red button the game gives you a short time to get ready and then stars and asteroids start moving. You have to pay attention to your selected star and asteroid. The recording starts and ends automaticaly. If you see your asteroid in the screen you have to make your sound, when it escapes from it you have to stay quiet.

your sound

You can sing, play a musical instrument or use whatever object makes sound. You can choose between two types of sounds: continous (a pitch) or granular (repeated short sounds). If you decide to sing you can't change the vowel or syllable during a game round. May be the Doppler effect example can help you to understand what to do (tap the red button).

your interpretation

During a game round you have to modulate your sound with the animation movement. Remember, if your asteroid gets closer to your star you need to increase your sound frequency (pitch gets higher or sound repeats faster) and if it moves away you need to do the oposite, decrease your sound frequency (pitch gets lower or sound repeats slower). Be careful! The key is the speed with which your asteroid moves with respect to your star and not the speed of it on the screen (again, the example may help).

send your sample

The recording will stop automaticaly (it lasts between 6795 and 10976 miliseconds). Your browser will trigger the download of a sound file. My idea is to create a large sounds population so you can play again and again. There are different levels!
You can send me your files to my mailbox or directly through telegram. You decide which files you send, this site doesn't collect any of your data. If you have problems with the game you can check the documentation or email me.

play now

That's all! You are ready to play. All depends on your courage. You can start with the easier levels or the more hard ones. You can try as many times as you want. If you read the game's url carefuly you may discover how to configure your own levels.