iD: populations

the samples

After each game round you obtain an audio file and send it to me. I don't hava a way to know what device you have used. Perhaps you used a laptop or a cellphone. Maybe you are a very profesional player and used an expensive microphone. I want the relative weight of the sounds in a population to be uniform, so I normalize the audio signals. Sometimes I use noise reduction processes. I apply a short fade-in and fade-out to every file.

the files

The processed samples are exported in wav format with a 32 bits resolution. Limit the amplitud values between 0 and 1 is more comfortable fot the simulation model software which runs the epidemic. If the samples are stereo I export each channel separately. A sounds population is made by a lot a this files.


Without any doubt, our voice is one of the musical instruments which we carry all time with us. The sounds population for infectoDoppler are full of sounds of this class. Sometimes with continous vowels sometimes with more percussive syllables.


People who know how to play an instrument prefer to do it. Why to study so hard if when you have to play, it's going to stay in its case? As with voices there are continous and discrete sounds.


Those like me who have followed symphony orchestras closely know that percussion is not only about instruments that are hit. It is about all of those that don't fall into the other categories too. Sometimes the instrument is a key ring, sometimes is the kitchen faucet.


By the end of October 2020 a group of players built the first sounds population for infectoDoppler. It has a total of 233 files that add up to more than 33 minutes of audio.