infectoD o p p l e r

a musical game?

Playing a musical piece almost always requires specific training. But in this case doesn't. infectoDoppler is part of a series of musical stochastic pieces which are games at the same time.

about this piece

This time the game and the musical piece are not simultaneous. 2020 didn't allow large meetings. You are going to play making the sound material that will give life to infectoDoppler. When the sounds population is ready, a computer program will make it suffer an epidemic.

ready to play

The game will record your own representation of the Doppler effect in response to an asteroid which gets closer or moves away from a star. There are rules! You have to send me the audio file when you are done.


The first sounds population for infectoDoppler was obtained from more than 100 samples with the most varied sounds (from kitchen faucets and drums to oboes and Tibetan bowls). It includes more than two hundred mono audio files.

the epidemic

To produce an infectoDoppler version a computer program will simulate an epidemic. Infected sounds will be heard, lucky ones will be lost. The simulation model can be configured in different ways.


When I receive new sounds populations or each time I run the simulation model with a different configuration with a population already used, there will be a new infectoDoppler version. I will share them here.