iD: epidemics

the outbreak

An infectoDoppler version consists in an epidemic outbreak simulation. A virus infects part of a sounds population. The infected sounds are heard, the lucky ones remain silent. These infected sounds are contagious during all their duration. When they end, the get recovered.

the model

Each day, in the simulation, the infected sounds meet others and the model decides if they get infected or not. The day duration is set as a number of samples of the audio files. Each sound is assigned to a channel. The model simply sum the audio signals with an amplitud which depends on how many sounds are infected.

the virus

The virus has two configurable features. A threshold that defines how contagious it is (the probability of one infecting others) and the immunity period that sounds adquire after getting recovered.

social network

The sounds populations for infectoDoppler are very uniform. The probability of one sound to meet other is equal for every sound. However, each sound object has its own contact factor which makes it getting in contact with more or less other sounds

social response

The sounds populations decide what to do about the outbreak. They can do nothing of limit sounds circulation (making them to contact less sounds and reduce new infected sounds). You can set both the day in which the restriction starts as its duration and its intensity.