When you roll a die you know that a number from 1 to 6 will come up, but you don't know which one. When you flip a coin you know it won't turn into a bill but you can't be sure which side will be on top. You even know that if you throw a glass on the floor it will break into pieces, but you don't know exactly how many pieces.


One tends to use the camera to freeze the light. To record a moment as it was. But sometimes you can play a little with movement (either of the camera or the subject being photographed) to produce incredible images that surprise even the person shooting.


While in the 18th century it was common to play at putting together musical pieces by rolling dice, it was during the 20th century that chance was used more seriously to compose music. century when chance was used to compose music more seriously. I personally use it to construct musical pieces through games for which no musical training is required.


The computer can generate random numbers and can do many more things. So it can be an incredible tool to use randomness creatively. You can turn a picture into a sound, you can mix thousands of images into one, you can simulate an epidemic and make a bunch of audio files into one, you can simulate an epidemic and make a bunch of audio files infect each other.


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